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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Real People Wanted.

I just got off the phone with Jen Lemen (go read her blog: www.jenlemen.com, she rocks). And we were talking about lots of things including Africa, and boys and alcohol... you don't need to know all this, anyway, I WANT TO GO ON TOUR. I seriously just know that music is something I'm willing to work at. Music is something I'm willing to go out on the line for, and get rejected, and get back up, and grow and change through. I want to learn how to be a kick-ass song-writer and performer, and i dont want to learn in a classroom, i want to learn on a fucking STAGE at a club or a bar or a coffeehouse, wherever!

You don't see many classified sections in the newspaper with something that say "REAL PEOPLE WANTED" but damnit, i really DO want some real people, some people who are on the same page as i am with this connection to music, or connection to learning through living. I want you, and I want you to collaborate with me and drive across the country meeting other real people and sleeping in the car, and waking up in a new city for the love of music and the love of experience. Sure it'll be uncomfortable. You think waking up at 6 am and driving to school when its dark is comfortable? You think sitting in a room unable to share your ideas and being subject to an authority figure that insists they're teaching you important information, you think thats comfortable? Well the weird thing is, the answer is YES, its comfortable, you know why? cause you've done it for 12 freaking years. And not EVERY class is like that (because if every class was like that, i think i would've dropped out by now), there are some teachers who are concerned with real things in the world and making their class interesting and connecting to other people in the class, and allowing a students curiousity for things that are "out of the lesson plan" happen. sure maybe college is like that too.. i mean i really hope it is.

but at the same time, i just look at the road and i look at my guitar and i feel this overwhelming desire to go out there and do this. Naturally... I don't think it's the smartest thing to do alone. I'd get lonely, I'm a young female, cities are dangerous, so if you're sitting there reading this, or know someone who wants to be reading this who's on my page (in the figurative sense), lets do this! I already know the idea is kind of crazy, i'm past being worried about being different, because i just am and thats the truth and theres no escaping that, so i'm not escaping it. I'm graduating highschool, I dont know where/if i'm going to college come next fall, and I want to start doing music all the time, buildling my resources, having new experiences. and if you're reading this, and you know me, you know its true! so don't let me get stuck in some track i'll regret. I'm not saying i dont want to go to college, cause college will be cool and i'll be able to meet ppl and travel (hopefully), but theres no bounds on an open road except the direction of travel (northbound, southbound). I can deal with that, calculus says theres an infinite amount of tiny spaces for things to happen. (see i even see shit like how calculus DOES relate to the real world, its not through using the formulas either, its through knowing the concepts). Come May 31, the musician starts really living. Esp. if someones around to do this with me.. i mean drummers are nice, sound people, bass player, any other interesting instrument player. lets do this.



Blogger Rachael said...

YES JODI. haha.. i know we're practically the only people who post comments on each other's blogs (or at least you're practically the only one who posts on mine), but damnit.. there's a reason why we're best friends! i love you and you will/already are on your way to doing everything you dream of doing. i can't say it enough. i love you, i am proud of you and proud to be best friends. i love how you said that you're past being worried about being different, cause you know, we are. and there's no damn shame in it.

thank you.. for not being afraid to be different, cause i think we'd both be lost without that.

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