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Monday, February 14, 2005

what a lovely day

i never sleep any more.. but thats okay, i suppose. valentines day wasnt depressing at all-- despite not having a valentine, cause shoot i got the best loves anyone could askk for and i dont need a holiday to recognize that- i just love them every day!

I emailed Claude about finding a way to donate money online to the African Liason Group, and he followed up on it and set up an account! If you're reading this and will not be able to help raise money in the community, or would rather just click a button to help people in Burundi have some food to eat you can go HERE and send this page to whoever you please:


Stuff like that makes me happy... because all it took was some initiative and some talking... KEEP TALKING, awareness is going to get this rolling.

enjoy your valentines day, spread whatever looove you got.



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