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Thursday, February 17, 2005

All about the coolest girl ever

Rachael Maddox... where to begin! She's basically an incredible person, and she's MY friend! And my life has changed because of that, and I dont really know WHERE i'd be without her (no i'm not saying i'd be DEAD or something crazy like that, but its almost hard to comprehend whatever it would be)

Shes the kind of person that reminds me i'm not crazy, for those of you who think i am, you just dont understand me and thats okay because people like Rach DO understand. She believes in things, she is passionate, and i love her for that. but thats not alll i love her for. she questions the standards people have (whether this means highering standards or lowering i dont know, or even think its that important). its just been so amazing knowing rach, because... well we both have very strong beliefs, and ours arent like perfectly aligned or anything, but the more we get to know eachother the more we influence one another, and i think that is so valuable. to have someone to share ideas with and try to understand, cause that makes you better understand yourself or change when its necessary to. and we both DO that, and change, and grow, and don't get in fights about anything stupid, and that is incredible. but thaats not all i love her for

she knows how to have fun, how to be optimistic, how to see things for what they are and appreciate the littlest good in any person, how to love, how to give peace a CHANCE, how to run 3 miles, how to kickkk asss, to encourage, to be FREE, to paint on her walls, buy desks at the thriftstore, cry, smile, return phone calls (occassionally), look hot in a WAGON, accept people, get angry when things are messed up, deal with shit when it happens (wow i could keep this going all day) want to marry her yet?? ...you could just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY-- rachaelmaddox.blogspot.com

I LOVE YOU RACH! have an incredible dayy,



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