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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

the story in short, my bridge to Burundi

Who’s to say what is the valid cause for inspiration, for compassion, for wanting to help people, friends, in Burundi, Africa. After seeing Hotel Rwanda, I sobbed for humanity, the story of genocide was delicately displayed, and the history of the decisions of the US to not take action resonated in my heart as the credits rolled. How did this happen without people in the US knowing or acting to do anything? Was it even on the news at the time? Did we really understand how serious it was, or did it take a death count of near one million to stop and realize the horror of the situation. I went to Burundi this past summer with my dad for about 8 days. I know the names and faces of the people like Justine from Rwanda, Caleb from Uganda, Augustin from Burundi, and various other Burundian people. I shook their hands, I ate food prepared by them, I learned to speak and sing few words in their languages. I continue to exchange emails, informing them about American culture and becoming aware about elections, and projects in the making to help street children.

When I heard of the food shortage, and that people in villages starving, there in the country where the usually luscious green fields are irrigated to feed the impoverished population now stood brown and dry, I knew I could do something to help. People in Burundi aren’t all over the news, the death tolls haven’t reached 1 million, not many people even have heard of the country, Burundi. We’re disconnected from this other world for much of our lives. But I feel that my trip has served as a connector, a bridge that can take the facts and the news articles and see through to the actual need, the tragedy we don’t have to “oh well”, a few family’s we can share dinner with by donating money. There are not many organizations that will go to help Burundi, organizations like UNICEF are very focused on rebuilding areas affected by the tsunami. This is why the African Liason Group, led by Claude Nikondeha, the Burundian man who showed me around Africa, who now lives in the US, is the perfect conduit for your donations. Below are pictures from my trip, spent with wonderful kind citizens of Burundi.

Augustin singing with my Dad

Me playing guitar with Evereste and his friend

To donate go here: http://www.africanliaison.org/index.htm

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I just got paid, so I am donating! Way to go Jodi. I'm really proud of you.

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