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Sunday, March 13, 2005

a difference, a smile

I'm so happy to announce that because of the help of Jen Lemen (www.jenlemen.com), my dad's prereleased copy of the book: The Last Word And the Word After That, has sold on ebay for $280... and every bit of it is going toward helping with the food shortage in Burundi! Thank God for Jen Lemen! woman does everything imaginable... and it really goes to prove that when you care and you spread the word some kind of difference can happen! It was kind of scary having that burden that I didn't know where to go with... wanting to help and feeling powerless or overwhelmed at the real problems in the world. I really had the feeling that if i didn't do anything I'd not be able to live with myself. sounds a little drastic, but i guess i can be thankful for the heart in me that perhaps allows me to see into the pain of people because that's what drove me to want to write blogs about it and inform people, and send my own money on over, and ask Jen to help. And where has that gone?

Well i havent posted about this yet, but my dad was supposed to speak at some baptist convention... and i guess they got freaked out by his theology, and uninvited him. But, since they did so on short notice, they decided to pay him anyway. Well this all happened at the time I found out about the problems in Burundi, and my Dad was right there with me in Burundi, so he was happy to send that check from the baptists striaght to the African Liason group for $2,500! Thats like 250 families for a month, thats amazing!

And I'd like to thank anyone else who's read about the situation in Burundi and talked about it with someone, or maybe donated money. Its just incredible how much a lot of us DONT KNOW whats happening in Sudan and Burundi, they're saying Sudan is getting to be a genocide like Rwanda.. except between different races, the sudanese are fighting/killing the arabs. A friend of mine Yohans (www.vendrix.com), wrote about such problems and has decided to write letters to congress people to try to convince them to take action in Sudan. An article was written about Rwanda and how if 100 people in every state wrote letters about how necessary it was that we took action, it could've made a difference. Start reading articles, there's so much our news just doesn't cover. Anyway, it's good to see people showing concern for other areas of the world and doing something about it. I think i'll email claude and ask how the donations have been going. it's so great to be able to make a difference in a small country like Burundi with a little creativity and writing.

visit: http://www.africanliaison.org/


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