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Friday, March 11, 2005

i have great friends

man... rach and kathleen are amazing. and so are art club people (esp janelle, christy, estar/ppl involved in making a delicious cake), and everyone who came to the coffee hizouse. i was talking to kathleen about how cool art is. like... how you can do anything in the name of ART and people are just like, okay cool. or else they think its ridiculous, but either way its ART. and art... is life, testing new concepts, creating, destroying, performing... whatever it is.

have to admit though, i didnt expect my birthday to be as cool as it was. just cause i usually get yelled at at the coffee house or have the most stressful time ever... but this year, thanks to having much less people (who woulda thought after all that upsetness that i'd be saying, its GOOD not as many ppl bought tickets). sure it woulda been great to have lots of people excited to come and listen to music and look at art and hang out... but really, the people who were there were each there because they wanted to be, and many of them added to the night. esp. some young ladies by the names kathleen and rachael. no i didnt PLAN for the whole happy birthday singing and all of that, but it really did make for a great birthday. all the singing and help and positive attitudes throughout the night reinforced the fact that there are some really great people around that support cool things like art and coffeehouses and music. thats important to me. so my birthday comes to a close, a surprisingly more than satisfying night. and i welcome the future days of 18, i've been thoroughly happy birthday'd out!

what a wonderful birthday. thanks again people. theres so much loove around, and i really loved playing tonight. (yeah i always like playing, but... with you guys gathered around its just so much sweeter). i'll be working on that graduation song some more too, so wish me luck, cause i'd be honored to perform it on our big day.

its crazy that people who have already given me so much end up pouring on more than i could've ever thought to expect! sheesh, you ppl amaze me. thanks one more time, for tonight.



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